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Ann Lancaster blickt in die Kamera.

Ann Lancaster

Ann Lancaster wird Ihre Vorlesungen im Modul Business-Englisch halten. Drei Fragen und ihre Antworten dazu.

Was ist Ihr praktischer und akademischer Hintergrund?

After a successful and varied career in nursing comprising teaching and working in the clinical area around the world, Ann Lancaster, in 1999, completed an English language teaching course in Oxford.

Relocating to Switzerland in 2000, she has taught English as a foreign language in various schools including Migros Club School. In 2001, she joined the Cambridge Institute in Winterthur and thereafter, trained as an examiner. She examines all levels of English and actively participates in Cambridge training seminars. Through the Cambridge Institute she has been involved in exam preparation for Matura students at the BKS in Chur. In 2009, she began working for the HTW in the foreign language department. Currently, she teaches Business English focusing much of her work on B2 and C1 level where she is able to use her experience as an examiner to prepare her students to a high level.


Wie soll ich mir Ihre Vorlesung vorstellen?

Ann focuses on the four key elements of language learning, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Following the recommended course book, but also drawing on a wide variety of media sources to present the material in an interesting and topical way. She believes in “learning by doing” and uses group work to maximise class participation creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere in the classroom. Ann makes sure that all her students are fully prepared for the external Cambridge exams by scheduling frequent exam practice both in class and on-line.


Wie kann ich das bei Ihnen erworbene Wissen später im beruflichen Umfeld nutzen?

Cambridge exams give students the confidence and skills to communicate with people from all over the world. It enables them to show employers that they are ready to work successfully in international business and could help when applying for a new job or getting a promotion.


Danke, Frau Lancaster, für Ihre Ausführungen.


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