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You cannot get bored in Chur!

I never thought I would study and live among mountains and the nature. I vividly recall how surprised I was when I first arrived in Chur and my taxi kept going up and up the mountain.
My name is Oana and for one semester studying Creative Media at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, I saw the world from a different perspective.

Living in the Netherlands, a country at sea level without bumps or hops, my move to Chur was a change in the truest sense of the word. I had the opportunity to reside at Konvikt, a structure with a unique staircase architecture situated on a mountain, and every morning I would awaken to a view that I am still unable to fully comprehend. It's true that you must climb a sizable hill to get to this building, but everything beautiful comes with a price. The old town of Chur with the very vibrant Swiss architecture, cafes, and stores are immediately apparent as you go down the hill.

Switzerland is a quiet and peaceful country. You would probably claim that Chur does not appear to be a large city where many things can happen but let me confront you. You cannot get bored in Chur!

I got the chance to go to several special events that were held in this town, such as the Buskers festival in the middle of September, where a variety of street performers play for several days. I also got to sample cuisine from across the world. For me, it was a unique concept, and I relished it every day.

A few weeks later, the Schlager Parade, which included ornamented cars cruising the city, was held. A genuine show!

The Big Air music, ski, and snowboard festival took place in the middle of October. It was one of my greatest experiences and I believe it is a must-go. Local as well as famous artists like Busta Rhymes performed in addition to the athletes' remarkable acrobatics.

December is a big celebration. As you climb down from Konvikt, you can see how the Christmas decorations are getting more and more brilliant. You can enjoy mulled wine, chestnuts, and traditional food almost every evening during the Christmas market. It really gets you into the holiday spirit.

I frequently climbed the Brambruesch mountain using the Bergbahnen cable car, which is only a short distance from my residence Konvikt. For the more stressful days, the fresh air, the scenery, and the restaurants serving Swiss cuisine were a welcome relief.

As many say, an exchange is a unique experience, and you must cherish every moment. I am grateful that I was able to experience these events while living in Chur, and I would like to experience them at least once again. I've always believed that a student needs to reside in a city that provides them with opportunities, and let me tell you, this is one of them! Learning and discovering so many new things and meeting so many beautiful people in a city like Chur only made me more curious about Switzerland. How more impressive can this country become?

All in all, the city of Chur is as peaceful as it is active. You can, of course, go spend some time in the nearby cities or countries such as Zurich, St. Gallen or even Milan during your time here, but be careful not to miss any of the previously mentioned activities. You may come to regret it!

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