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Switzer­land from another per­spec­tive

My name is Julia and I´m an exchange student from Spain. I came to Switzerland with my parents in September and I remember I was very scared at the beginning because it was going to be my first time living alone and in a foreign country. However, I quickly felt very welcomed by the international office staff and also by the Konvikt staff, where I´m staying.

First weeks at UAS Grisons were good. I had some problems with my learning agreement but UAS Grisons staff helped me and were always so supportive and that made the process even easier.

I found some differences in the way of studying here in comparison with my home university. For example, here self-study sessions are very important and that the student has to prepare the lessons before going to class. At my home university you go to class and then you study what you have learnt. Either way, I find this interesting even though you maybe need more time to prepare for classes.

As for Swiss people and the way of living here, it took me a while to get used to it because most of them can seem reserved in the beginning and also is important to get adapted to their times, because on the weekends and after 8 p.m. there is not so much things to do. Switzerland is an expensive country, especially for exchange students, but in the end you can do a lot of things without expending that much money.

This experience is helping me to become more open minded and to learn how to be more independent, so I highly recommend it to those who want to try another way of living.

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