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Bedroom at Konvikt

Housing in Chur

Incoming exchange students have the option to stay in a student residence or in a shared flat. Sif gives you an insight into student accommodation.
Copyright - Ingo Rasp

Copyright Ingo Rasp

Student Residence Konvikt

Before coming to Chur I lived alone in my apartment in Copenhagen, after having lived in shared flats and moved around a lot. I therefore firstly looked for shared apartments in Chur, but I came to the conclusion that it would be best to stay in a student house. I arrived alone in Chur, not knowing anyone but by living in the student house, gave me the opportunity to meet other students and soon I had a whole new group of friends.

The student house I moved into is called Konvikt. Konvikt has a lot of facilities and the building is newly renovated. The view is amazing and the rooms are cozy. Our rooms are cleaned once a week  and breakfast and dinner is prepared for us from Monday to Friday. I moved away from home when I was 18 year old, and moving to Konvikt is kind of like moving back home again, which has been very nice but I had to get used to it in the beginning. And I am pretty sure I have to get used to cleaning my own room and cook when I am back home in Copenhagen.

One of the facilities which has been very useful during this semester with Corona is the study room. Here you can sit and study instead of sitting in your room all day. Other facilities are the cinema in the building and the game room that can be used in your spare time. Konvikt is very big and easy to get lost in, but you will soon find your way around.

Konvikt is close to the old town but it is high up the hill, so you should be ready to climb the hill everytime you leave Konvikt. Luckily there is a gym which has the most beautiful view and a bunch of workout equipment, so you easily can get into shape for walking and biking.

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