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Guide to Chur and the region

Exchange student Sif gives some tips about her favorite places. From swimming in crystal clear lakes to hiking in the mountains. Get inspired!


My guide to Chur and the surroundings
Before coming to Chur I didn't know a lot about the city. But I was very lucky to meet some nice people that showed me around in Chur and some parts of Graubünden. I therefore made a guide to make it easier and to share some of the nice places I have been to.

Crestasee is a beautiful lake only a short bus ride from Chur bahnhof and it is lovely there. In the summertime we went to Crestasee to swim and enjoy the weather. The lake is surrounded by mountains and the water is very clear. In the fall I hiked from Caumasee and passed by The Rhine Canyon Ruinaulta to Crestasee. Caumasee is also a very beautiful lake and The Rhine Canyon Ruinaulta is a viewing point with the most beautiful view over the Rhine river and you could see the train pass by. Crestasee was surrounded by trees with the most amazing orange colors. This hike is definitely one you cannot miss. One time during winter time I went there in the morning to watch the sunrise and we made coffee and ate breakfast. My crazy Swiss friend went in the water and went for a swim. So it is actually possible to swim in the lake all year - if you like fresh freezing mountain water.

The viewing point
My first week in Chur I went to the viewing point where you have a view over the whole of Chur. Since then I have been coming back to watch the sunset so many times that I have lost track. In the summertime I went there and we drank wine and ate pizzas. A crazy thing I experienced was that it was possible to order pizzas to the view point AND have it delivered! In the wintertime I went there with a thermos filled with tea and enjoyed the view. It is definitely a must to see the sunset from the viewing point just once.

Mittenberg/Riesenschaukel Fürstenwald
Riesenschaukel Fürstenwald is a forest surrounded by a grass field where cows, goats and sheeps graze. Going there you really get the Swiss vibe, which is amplified by hearing the cow bells and looking over Chur. I came here a lot and had picnics or just to drink coffee. From the forest it is possible to climb the mountain Mittenberg to get a nice hike and an amazing view.

Brambrüesch is a mountain with slopes and hiking trails. There is a cable car from the city that takes you up to the mountain so you don’t have to hike Brambrüesch if you don’t feel like it. You can choose to take the cable car half the way or all the way up. It is a fun experience to take the cable car from the city to the top of the mountain and if you are lucky there is snow on the top, which I am not used to from Denmark because I come from a flat country without mountains. It is also possible to ski there in the winter time, but to get a really nice skiing experience it is worth going to Davos or Laax.

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