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Exchange student Sif from Denmark reports about her exchange studies

My name is Sif and I study Multimedia design in Copenhagen at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. I chose to take an exchange semester in Chur because I really liked the subjects that they offered at UAS Grisons. And I also heard that the nature in Switzerland was wonderful, and on my arrival I was amazed because the nature here is crazy beautiful and I felt like exploring nature in a whole new way.

Courses & lessons
One of the reasons I chose UAS Grisons was because of the courses. I wanted to challenge myself and improve my skills. I chose to try out different kinds of courses like Programming, Infospace and Designing a video game which are really practical courses like I am used to from Copenhagen. I chose German & Business English to improve my language skills and writing skills. I also chose International & intercultural communication to get more knowledge and understanding about different cultures and how to communicate better.

My specialization from my home university in Copenhagen is programming. Therefore I chose courses that matched my skills. One of the courses I chose was Introduction to Programming 1 where I have learned how to programme in Python - a programming language used for many applications and websites.

I am really into 3D and therefore it made sense to choose the course Info Space where we learn how to use Unity and develop 3D projects. In Unity we use Mapbox SDK which means you can design a custom 3D or 2D map over different cities and customize the map with 3D objects.

Designing a videogame
In my first semester in Copenhagen we had a short course where we had to design and develop two video games. That course really sparked my interest in video games. I chose to take the course Designing a video game, to get more knowledge of designing a video game and storytelling which is one of the most important parts of developing a video game.



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