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A Recap of ELAF 2023: Launch Event on Streng­thening Part­ner­ships

The European-Latin America Forum (ELAF) is back in 2023, centring around the theme "Stärkung der (wirtschaftlichen) Partnerschaft zwischen Europa und Lateinamerika zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung" or "Strengthening the (Economic) Partnership between Europe and Latin America for Sustainable Development." This overarching theme sets the stage for discussions on enhancing collaboration, leveraging multistakeholder engagement, and harnessing the potential of various sectors to drive sustainable development within the partnership.

Talks and discussions that shaped the ELAF

The opening event of ELAF 2023 featured impactful talks and podium discussions that provided valuable insights into the importance of the partnership between Europe and Latin America, considering the current geopolitical challenges and opportunities. Let's explore some of the key sessions:

  1. Talk: "Die Europäische Union und Lateinamerika/Karibik: Zur Bedeutung der Partnerschaft vor dem Hintergrund der aktuellen geopolitischen Herausforderungen" (The European Union and Latin America/Caribbean: The Significance of the Partnership in Light of Current Geopolitical Challenges): This talk shed light on the crucial role of the partnership between the European Union and Latin America/Caribbean, emphasizing its importance amidst the current geopolitical landscape. Experts discussed the challenges and opportunities, highlighting the potential for collaboration in addressing shared concerns and fostering sustainable development.
  2. Podium Discussion: "Stärkung der wirtschaftlichen Partnerschaft von Europa und Lateinamerika: Die Rolle von Multistakeholder-Roundtables im Agrarsektor" (Strengthening the Economic Partnership of Europe and Latin America: The Role of Multistakeholder Roundtables in the Agricultural Sector): In this podium discussion, participants explored the significance of multistakeholder roundtables in strengthening the economic partnership between Europe and Latin America, with a specific focus on the agricultural sector. The discussion delved into innovative approaches and collaborative strategies to enhance cooperation, sustainability, and inclusivity within the agricultural value chains.

Interactive workshops at the ELAF

ELAF 2023 also hosted a series of interactive workshops, each addressing specific aspects of the partnership between Europe and Latin America. Let's highlight a few of these workshops:

  1. Workshop: "Handel und Integration: Dienstleistungen als Brücke zur Stärkung der Partnerschaft zwischen Europa und Lateinamerika" (Trade and Integration: Services as a Bridge to Strengthen the Partnership between Europe and Latin America): This workshop explored the potential of services as a catalyst for trade and integration, fostering a stronger partnership between Europe and Latin America. Participants engaged in discussions about the role of services in enhancing economic ties, identifying opportunities for growth, and addressing challenges to promote mutual benefits.
  2. Workshop: "Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz und Europäischer Grüne Deal: Auswirkungen auf den intraregionalen Wirtschaftsaustausch" (Due Diligence Law and the European Green Deal: Implications for Intraregional Economic Exchange): Addressing the intersection of due diligence laws and the European Green Deal, this workshop examined the impacts on intraregional economic exchange within Europe and Latin America. Participants explored the challenges and opportunities presented by sustainability-focused policies and discussed ways to navigate these changes while fostering economic growth and cooperation.
  3. Workshop: "Stärkung der KMU für den Handel zwischen Lateinamerika und Europa" (Empowering SMEs for Trade between Latin America and Europe): This workshop focused on empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enhance trade between Latin America and Europe. Participants explored strategies for supporting SMEs, promoting inclusivity, and unlocking the potential of these businesses to drive economic growth and strengthen the partnership.

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Looking ahead

ELAF 2023 has provided a platform for fruitful discussions, insightful presentations, and collaborative networking opportunities. As the opening event concludes, stay tuned for further blog posts that will feature expert interviews, in-depth analysis, and thought-provoking pieces related to the theme of the forum. ELAF 2023 will conclude at the closing event in November 2023. In the meantime, we invite you to continue exploring the exciting developments and opportunities shaping the economic partnership between Europe and Latin America for sustainable development.

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