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A Recap of ELAF 2022 Day 1: Re­si­li­ence and Sus­taina­bi­li­ty

Welcome to the European-Latin America Forum (ELAF), an influential platform that brings together experts, scholars, and distinguished speakers to delve into the pressing issues surrounding the resilience and sustainability of European-Latin American (economic) relations. Over the course of two days, ELAF 2022 served as a dynamic arena for insightful talks, engaging workshops, and enlightening panel discussions. In this blog post, we will recap the highlights of the first day, focusing on the thought-provoking talks that shaped the discourse.

Talks that shaped the day

Several thought-provoking talks took centre stage during the first day of ELAF, each shedding light on a different aspect of European-Latin American economic relations. Let's explore some of these captivating sessions:

  1. Talk: "Die Auswirkungen der geopolitischen Herausforderungen auf die europäisch-lateinamerikanischen (Wirtschafts-)Beziehungen" (The Impact of Geopolitical Challenges on European-Latin American (Economic) Relations): This talk explored the profound influence of geopolitical challenges on the economic ties between Europe and Latin America. Experts delved into the effects of shifting global dynamics, emerging trade policies, and geopolitical tensions, unravelling the complexities and potential implications for these regions.
  2. Talk: "Die Bedeutung der Nachhaltigkeit in den europäischlateinamerikanischen (Wirtschafts-)Beziehungen" (The Significance of Sustainability in European-Latin American (Economic) Relations): Sustainability has become a crucial factor in economic partnerships worldwide, and this talk focused on its significance in European-Latin American relations. Speakers highlighted the need for sustainable practices, emphasizing the environmental, social, and economic dimensions that must be considered to foster long-term resilience.
  3. Podium Discussion: "Wirtschaftsbeziehungen Europa-Lateinamerika: Erfolgsgeschichte oder Enttäuschung?" (European-Latin American Economic Relations: Success Story or Disappointment?): This thought-provoking session examined the trajectory of the economic relationship between Europe and Latin America. By analysing past successes and disappointments, the speakers offered valuable insights into the current state of affairs, highlighting areas of growth and potential improvements.
  4. Podium Discussion: "«Taking stock»: Zwischenbilanz bei den SDGs. Wo steht Lateinamerika im Hinblick auf Klimaresilienz und Nachhaltigkeit?" (Taking Stock: Assessing Latin America's Climate Resilience and Sustainability in Relation to the SDGs): This talk provided a comprehensive overview of Latin America's progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a specific focus on climate resilience and sustainability. Distinguished experts evaluated the region's advancements, challenges, and future prospects in relation to these critical global benchmarks.

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The first day of ELAF served as a captivating exploration of the resilience and sustainability of European-Latin American economic relations. Through a series of thought-provoking talks, participants gained valuable insights into the impacts of geopolitical challenges, the importance of sustainability, the success and disappointments experienced thus far, and the current status of climate resilience in Latin America. Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will recap the engaging workshops and panel discussions that took place during the second day of ELAF.

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