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A Recap of ELAF 2022 Day 2: Re­si­li­ence and Sus­taina­bi­li­ty

Welcome back to the European-Latin America Forum (ELAF), a premier platform that fosters dialogue and collaboration between Europe and Latin America. As we continue our journey through this influential event, we will now delve into the exciting happenings of the second day. With a stimulating podium discussion and a series of engaging workshops, ELAF 2022 Day 2 provided insights into the successful development of value chains, cultural challenges and pragmatic solutions, the positioning of new Latin American governments in the face of global powers, and the progress made in enhancing sustainability and resilience in urban spaces. Join us as we recap the highlights!

From ideas to action: podium discussions and workshops

  1. Podium Discussion: "Erfolgreicher Aufbau von Wertschöpfungsketten zwischen Europa und Lateinamerika" (Successful Development of Value Chains between Europe and Latin America): Esteemed panellists came together to discuss the successful development of value chains between Europe and Latin America. This podium discussion shed light on the challenges and opportunities encountered in establishing robust economic connections. Participants gained valuable insights into the collaborative approaches, innovative strategies, and identification of synergies that play a vital role in unlocking the full potential of these value chains.
  2. Workshop: "‘"Culture eats Strategy for breakfast“: kulturelle Herausforderungen und pragmatische Lösungen" ('Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’: Cultural Challenges and Pragmatic Solutions): This workshop delved into the intricate relationship between culture and strategy within European-Latin American economic relations. Participants engaged in discussions about cultural challenges and explored pragmatic solutions. The workshop provided a deeper understanding of how cultural understanding and adaptation can contribute to successful collaborations and overcome potential barriers in business interactions.
  3. Workshop: "Russland, China und der Westen: Wie werden sich die neuen lateinamerikanischen Regierungen positionieren?" (Russia, China, and the West: How Will the New Latin American Governments Position Themselves?): Addressing the positioning of new Latin American governments in the global landscape, this workshop explored the implications of interactions with global powers such as Russia, China, and the West. Participants engaged in insightful discussions on the geopolitical dynamics and examined the evolving roles of these emerging Latin American governments. The workshop shed light on how these governments can navigate and strategically position themselves amidst these influential global players.
  4. Workshop: "Stärkung und Ausbau von Nachhaltigkeit und Resilienz in urbanen Räumen: Wo stehen wir in Lateinamerika und wo in Europa?" (Strengthening and Expanding Sustainability and Resilience in Urban Spaces: Progress in Latin America and Europe): This workshop focused on the critical task of enhancing sustainability and resilience in urban spaces. Attendees examined the progress made by both Latin America and Europe in strengthening and expanding sustainability and resilience within urban contexts. The workshop explored innovative urban planning, green initiatives, and other successful strategies employed to address environmental challenges and enhance the quality of urban life.

Watch ELAF 2022 Day 2 on demand

ELAF Day 2 encompassed a vibrant podium discussion was rounded out by three workshops, providing valuable insights into the successful development of value chains, cultural challenges and pragmatic solutions, and the positioning of new Latin American governments. These sessions shed light on collaborative approaches, cultural adaptability, strategic positioning, and the pursuit of sustainability and resilience in urban spaces.

As ELAF 2022 draws to a close, be sure to stay tuned for what awaits in 2023, as the ELAF continues to pave the way for insightful discussions and meaningful collaborations relating to (economic) partnerships between Europe and Latin America for sustainable development.

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