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Google Schweiz sucht UX Re­se­ar­cher

Google Schweiz sucht derzeit einen User Experience (UX) Researcher: "As a UX Researcher, You conduct independent research, analyze real user behavior and work with User Interface Designers, Products Manager and Engineers to improve our product features and develop new ones. Your work spans across all of Google's products, and you are encouraged to identify new opportunities for user experience improvements. We strive to the connect users to the magic of our products, and your job is to make that connection intuitive and accessible."

Ausdrücklich werden unter anderem Master- oder Phd-Absolventen eines "Information Science"-Studiums für diese Position gesucht.

Details in der Stellenausschreibung: https://www.google.com/about/jobs/search/#!t=jo&jid=1399001&

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