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Sunrise Moments 

The course 'Digital Transformation and Disruption' provides an in-depth look at the strategic challenges and opportunities arising in today's digital era. This curriculum seamlessly blends theoretical knowledge with practical application, diving into the essentials of digital transformation and its influence on business strategy. Students start by examining corporate strategy in the context of digital transformation, understanding how businesses can adeptly use digital trends to boost their competitiveness. The course encompasses areas such as strategic planning, the effects of digitalisation on traditional business models, and the intricacies of market disruption. Therefore, students thoroughly understand how digitalisation is transforming the business landscape.

The course offers valuable insights into the role of digital platforms and ecosystems, engaging students with comprehensive case studies from various industries. They gained a broader understanding of digital transformation across various sectors. Practical components of the course, such as visits to pioneering companies like Sunrise, project initiations, and critical proposal reviews, underscore the real-world applicability of the concepts taught. This module gives students the tools to analyse and apply digital trends strategically, preparing them to navigate and lead effectively in the rapidly evolving digital environment.

One example of these principles in action is Sunrise, a leading telecommunications provider in Switzerland. Sunrise has implemented a strategy called 'Sunrise Moments' to increase customer engagement and loyalty. This initiative provides customers with various entertainment and live event experiences, creating memorable moments and forging a stronger connection between Sunrise and its clientele. This shift towards enhancing customer loyalty and offering better service value, rather than relying solely on aggressive customer acquisition promotions, is expected to result in constant future growth. The company's strategies and initiatives exemplify the kind of digital transformation and adaptation that the course aims to explore and teach.

We visited Sunrise's headquarters in Zurich as part of our studies. During this visit, we gained insights into the company's digital transformation approach and brand strategy while learning about their innovative product, 'Sunrise Moments.' We explored two specific use cases related to this product, which we investigated further in our module. We aimed to develop solution proposals for these cases and present them in a 5-minute pitch. Interacting with Sunrise's key personnel and observing their customer-centric strategies and innovative technologies in action was an informative and inspiring experience that provided a practical, real-world perspective on the theoretical concepts we study.

Case 1    

The task focuses on enhancing the user experience of 'Sunrise Moments'. Groups of students were asked to delve into the customer journey, analysing each step from the initial newsletter engagement to the booking of lounge tickets, the lounge visit itself, and the post-visit experience. The primary objective is to propose innovative improvements to make the experience more delightful for users.


Our analysis covered the entire customer journey, from information gathering on the Sunrise Moments website to the first ticket booking and the post-event experience. To find a comprehensive answer to this question, we analyzed the various touchpoints of the Sunrise Moments program. Our project group actively participated in the program, attended a concert, experienced the exclusive Sunrise starzone Lounge and fully immersed themselves in the event. Despite some minor inconveniences, the Sunrise Moments lounge was a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our observations of the lounge's amenities and the event's logistical aspects offer valuable feedback for enhancing future guest experiences.

In conclusion, our journey with the 'Sunrise Moments' event gave us a comprehensive view of customer engagement in the real world. From the excitement of booking tickets to the actual event experience and the logistics of post-event activities, each element provided insights into creating a memorable customer experience. While some areas stood out, particularly the amenities offered and the overall atmosphere of the lounge, there were also lessons to be learned in terms of event logistics and ongoing customer communication.

This experience was invaluable in understanding the practical aspects of customer engagement and the continuous effort required to maintain and enhance the quality of such experiences. It serves as a reminder that every touchpoint matters in customer engagement, and there is always room for improvement to ensure that each customer's journey is seamless and enjoyable.

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