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Impact of Digital Payment Methods

Impact of Digital Payment Methods on Traditional Payment Transactions - An Analysis of the Swiss Financial Market

In a digital age, new payment methods are challenging traditional means such as cash and card products. These new challengers come in the form of digital banks and mobile payment solutions. The last couple of years have seen a sweeping increase of customer base. Most traditional players, like banks or credit card providers, do not know the reach and possible future effects the challengers have on their business model.

The main objective of this thesis was to discover effects on the traditional transactional system in Switzerland based on empirical findings.

Through analysis of literature and actual transactional data of a Swiss retail bank, it was proven that new players and methods do impact the current system. A disruptive effect was detected for traditional products used abroad. Responsible for this were mainly digital banks. Mobile payments were found to be more of a substituting and not disruptive nature.

Die Arbeit wurde in den Churer Schriften publiziert.

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