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As­ses­sing star­tups in terms of their ap­proach to UX

Assessing promising startups in terms of their approach to user experience: Determination of the design maturity of startups in the investment process of venture capital based on a derived maturity model

Venture capital is a popular way to support promising companies in their early stages. Correctly evaluating the probability of success of a startup is an essential activity for venture capital investors. Identifying patterns of success helps venture capital professionals to invest in the best startups on the market. Although design-driven companies are proven to be more successful, this aspect is not considered in the evaluation process of venture capital investors. However, this is not due to ignorance, but to the fact that venture capital investors are not able to assess the design capabilities of a startup independently nor are they willing to allocate resources for external experts. With the analysis of successful startups, an easy-to-use instrument for venture capital investors was created. The framework is based on the recognition of success patterns and can be applied by venture capital investors in their investment process to assess of the design maturity of startups.


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