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Norwich – the city which writes its own stories

Everyone in Norwich knows a story to tell, and so do we, so let the story begin!

Once upon a time there was a cute, magical city, 90 minutes outside of London called Norwich. The inhabitants of Norwich adore its community spirit, the historical sights and the independent businesses. But what about tourism? Since we have never heard of Norwich before, the first thing we did after selecting the destination was to start researching.

It did not take long until we came across the modern destination website of VisitNorwich. The beautiful colors and magnificent pictures have caught our eyes instantly. VisitNorwich and its partners have created a charming and attractive new brand for the city of stories, but which destination image is VisitNorwich really intending to create with its rebranding strategy? Were the locals involved in the rebranding process and what is Norwich’s competitive advantage? All these questions crossed our minds, so we decided to look for some answers.

Since we were not able to travel to Norwich physically, we had to conduct our research and business partner meetings virtually. Who cares, fictional stories are by far more captivating than fairytales anyway.

On our virtual journey we got to know a fascinating and gorgeous city. Its story goes way back in time. There is the Norwich Castle which was built in the 11th century, the stunning Cathedral constructed by the Normans and a colorful marketplace which as well is more than 900 years old. But Norwich does not only own a rich history, it is also the home of a vibrant, young, fun and delightful community. This mix of historical buildings and a young lifestyle is what makes Norwich so unique. Not only cultural interested people will find something to do in Norwich, also younger travelers can find hidden gems to explore.

Foto von Norwich Cathedral Quarter(@norwichcq) auf Facebook

Foto von VisitBritain (https://www.visitbritain.com/gb/en/england/east-england/norwich)

Foto von Norwich Cathedral Quarter(@norwichcq) auf Facebook

It was really captivating to get to know the city and its community. All our business partners were welcoming and open-minded people who could give us tons of information and insights into their businesses and their lovely city. We found out that VisitNorwich highly involved the community into the rebranding process and that they mirror its vibrant community with the creative and colorful destination rebranding. Furthermore, they see its mixture of history and contemporary and the loving community as their greatest competitive advantage.Norwich has as much to offer as any other major city in England, however, it convinces with a much calmer and more peaceful atmosphere.

For us, Norwich is a must-see which belongs on everyone’s bucket list. We all fell in love with its charming appearance and the lively community. Therefore, we are definitely planning on going to Norwich one day. As Nikki Rotsos from the Norwich City Council would say: «It could be a story that is 600 years old or a story that is 5 minutes old» – we are happy to have created our own.

The End.

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Jürg Hüsser 17.07.2020

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